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Gifford Lane Art Stroll at Coconut Grove

Sunday March 1 from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Location: Gifford Lane between Oak Avenue and Day Ave in Coconut Grove

Free Admission, food, drinks, family activities, music and art!

"one sweet day"

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About Me:

Salvadoran-American Abstract Artist living in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida. Ever since I can remember from kindergarten my passion for the arts began with coloring, sculpting figurines and animals made from plaster mix, music, stage performance, reading history and poems. My talent for the arts was confirmed by my 6th grade teacher who wrote in my year-end school report "Aptitude for the Arts and Science". While in high school my involvement with the arts was limited to classroom classes in music and drama. At the time, most high schools' academic curriculums were designed primarily to prepare students for "professional careers", the arts didn't meet the criteria. Stay on track academically was my #1 goal. I choose science over art. I had hopes one day I would become a Medical Doctor; during my HS Senior year I work part time after school at a local hospital assisting doctors in the Pediatrics clinic, then after graduation landed a paid internship at Stanford University in a research lab working with rats. Unfortunately, due to financial hardship it was impossible to attend Stanford University for full 8 years. A true disappointment; I enrolled as a full time student at De Anza College in Cupertino, California in the Engineering program. Silicon Valley was in the early stages of the technology boom, the demand and supply for jobs was high; I landed a full time job at Memorex assembling large main frame computers; after failing Calculus I twice while excelling in hardware drawing and design, film, photography, and business. I opted out of the program, and changed career to Business with an emphasis in Marketing and Advertising. In 1992, I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing from San Francisco State University in San Francisco California.

The Arts

Summer 2009, the "barbarian" period of my life, financially broke while fighting for my life from a deadly illness; my stress level was high, yet determined to overcome all fears by adopting a positive attitude to my surroundings. I began to frequent art exhibitions, museums, meeting all types of artists. Art life in Miami was booming with plenty to see and do like the wynwood art district and the international known Art Basel; the place where I spend many hours hanging around was at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art gallery in Coconut Grove, were local artist met to mingle, exhibit art, attend workshops, and more; Fred Hunt, 1928-2014 a well known images, scenery and mural artist tough me techniques on colors, besides enjoyed watching him paint his beautiful landscape art works with a very peaceful wisdom. I felt being reborn. Excitement is the best way to describe my first trip to the art supply store. After all these years, finally I got my very first easel along with a 30"x30" canvas, and few tubes of the least expensive acrylic paints, it was all i could afford; cut off a square piece of wood from an old wood and made my first paint palette. The 30"x30" canvas housed two of my paintings, "Peacock Park Poinciana" and "Madonna and Child" painted over with the existing art work title "Afternoon in the Gifford Lane Art Stroll".

2009, one late summer afternoon while walking with my boxer Luna I stopped by the Coconut Grove Bookstore and bought two books on Picasso and Chagal, the two from whom I learned to swing my first brush strokes. Their impressive command of artistic techniques on Cubism, Surrealism, The Blue Period and The Barbarian Years 1937 - 1946 where the inspiration for my first reworked paintings - "the crying chair" from "Large Female Nude in Red Chair", Picasso, 1929; "No Wind, No Wind" borrowed idea from "Weeping Woman", Picasso from the Barbarian years 1937; "Moonlight Lovers" reworked pieced from "Lovers in Blue" Chagall, 1937.

My early approach to painting, I was far more concerned in giving form to emotional or spiritual experiences than in exploring the artistic process itself. Over time, I have become more interested in the translation of the familiar, recognizable reality of things and human strength, configuration and abstraction in a multidisciplinary aesthetic approach to the subject.

I am aggressively experimenting with the psychology of lines, forms , shapes, volume, and its dynamic composition on beauty, harmony, complexity using the "drip" technique from the Expressionist Movement by artists like Jackson Pollock, Joan Mitchell and Ronald Davis. Through my paintings I want to enhance the richness of imagination and association in sport games, in all I want to arouse or express the deepest feelings of the observer.


Windisch-Hunt Fine Art gallery, "Peacock Park Poinciana", 2011 - Coconut Grove, FL.

Gifford Lane Art Stroll, Coconut Grove, FL. 2011

LMNT, Celebrity Art Series "Madonna and Child", 2012 - Wynwood Art District, Miami, FL.

Coconut Grove Art Festival Cocowalk, 2013 - Coconut Grove, FL.

Gifford Lane Art Stroll, "Afternoon in the Gifford Lane Art Stroll", 2013 - Coconut Grove, FL.

Gifford Lane Art Stroll, Coconut Grove, FL. 2014


Bacardi Sailing Cup, "No Wind, No Win", 2013, Coconut Grove, FL

Miami-Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, "One Sweet Day", 2013 - Miami, FL

Private Collection gifts:

"The Crying Chair", 2009

"Mother Cat", 2010

"Blue Sunset", 2011

"Night of Trick & Treats" 2012

"Lovers in Harmony", 2013

"Sweet Luna", 2013

"Touchdown", 2013





786-286-3920 / email: rafaelg@rafaegutierrezart.com