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"who ever wants to know about me as an artist should look attentively at my art works and there see to recognize what I am and what I want"


About RafaelG

Salvadoran-American Abstract Artist living in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida. I consider myself a "self-tough" artist; however, excelled in art classes in the 6th grade sketching and pencil coloring nature landscapes in paper, in the year-end report card, the teacher noted :"aptitude for the arts and science".

.In 1993 received my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from San Francisco State University.

The Arts

Summer 2009, I spend much of my free time at the Coconut Grove Windish-Hunt Fine Art gallery in Coconut Grove; it was "the place" were local artists met to mingle, exhibit art, attend workshops. Fred Hunt, 1928-2014 a well known images, scenery and mural artist tough me techniques on colors, form, lines, volume; I enjoyed watching him paint his beautiful landscape art works with a very peaceful wisdom. .

In June 2010 showed my first acrylic canvas title "Peacock Park Poinciana" in the Windish-Hunt Fine Art Gallery.

I am aggressively experimenting with the psychology of lines, forms , shapes, volume, and its dynamic composition on beauty, harmony, complexity using the "drip" technique from the Expressionist Movement by artists like Jackson Pollock, Joan Mitchell and Ronald Davis.

I have become more interested in the translation of the familiar, recognizable reality of things and human strength, configuration and abstraction in a multidisciplinary aesthetic approach to the subject.

Through my paintings, I want to enhance the richness of imagination and association in sport games, in all I want to arouse or express the deepest feelings of the observer.


Through the Lens This Week


2010- Windisch-Hunt Fine Art gallery, "Peacock Park Poinciana", Coconut Grove, FL.

2011 - Gifford Lane Art Stroll, Coconut Grove, FL.

2012 - LMNT, Celebrity Art Series "Madonna and Child", Art Basel Wynwood Art District, Miami, FL.

2013 - Coconut Grove Art Festival Cocowalk, Coconut Grove, FL.

2013 - Gifford Lane Art Stroll, "Afternoon in the Gifford Lane Art Stroll", - Coconut Grove, FL.

Gifford Lane Art Stroll, Coconut Grove, FL. 2014

2015 - Gifford Lane Art Stroll, Coconut Grove, FL.


2015 - Miami-Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Sapphire Gala Event. "Celebration" 18"x24" acrylic on canvas.

2013 - Bacardi Sailing Cup, "No Wind, No Win", Coconut Grove, FL

2013 - Miami-Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, "One Sweet Day", - Miami, FL


"The Crying Chair", 2009

"Highness Pussy Cat", 2010

"Blue Sunset", 2011

"Night of Trick & Treats" 2012

"Harmony & Love", 2013

"Touchdown", 2013