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"who ever wants to know about me as an artist should look attentively at my art works and there see to recognize what I am and what I want"



About RafaelG

Salvadoran-American Abstract Artist living in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida. Ever since I can remember, my passion for the arts and science were borne in my Kindergarten classroom. I vividly remember the electrifying excitment traveling throughout my small body while mixing acrylic colors to give definition to raw plaster and designed all types of animals and human bodies, then would arragned them creating a farm setting. It was during the 5th and 6th grades when I mastered the application of color and form to give defintion to the subject -landscape scenes like volcanoes, rivers, trees, maps and human bodies.

I loved music too, a quality I enhireted from my paternal grandmother, she loved to sing around the house while listening to music playing in an antique 33 rpm record player; it was while visiting her I recalled singing to my very song "volare"; I loved to sing to it; gradma would tell me her father my greatgrandfather was played for El Salvador's Symphony; I would attentibly listened to her telling me many stories while growing up watching her father sing, write music and going to see him performed.

I used to performed for my brothers and sisters too, after school at home during the afternoon's play time, I would arranged 3 chairs next to each other for my two little brothers and little sister, would get up on a wooden octagonal seating area in one corner of the house, used it as a stage and sang to Beatle songs playing on my portable Magnavox 45 rpm record player. I can still hear the echos from their hands clappings and crispy louded laughs. At my elementary school, an all boys school, i took singing classes; during special occassions, I performed on-stage drama, dance folklore music, recite poems from Ruben Dario, Pablo Neruda, two well known Latin American Poets; and almost always, was choosen to recite El Salvador's Pledge of Allegiance; my artistic qualities are reflected in my 6th grade year end report "Aptitude for the Arts and Science" written by my teacher.

in 7th grade, for a very short period, I joined a Folklore dance group directed by a well known teacher; it didn't last becuase i was doing it without my mother authorization. The story goes, after school, I would ask my mother to let me go play with our neighbor's 6 pekingies dogs, the old lady lived alone in an large 1920's spanish arquitecture home, in one of the big rooms we rehearsed dance. Since I was a great dancer, I was selected to performed at a Miss El Salvador Beauty Pegeant which took place inside the country's largest basketball stadium; to be able to do it, the old lady told my mother she was taking me to visit her kids and we would come home very late. Afterwards, I quit the group becuase they were going to start traveling to other cities and as a minor needed my mom's approval, and it wasn't going to happen.

A trip to San Francisco, California, turned my life around 360 degrees. Instantly I felt in love with my newly adopted mother City and Country. In high school my involvement in the arts was limited to few classes in drama and singing. I auditioned for the play Auntie Mame, didn't make it. Recently, I learned one of the student girls in my class, Tia Speros is a well known New York Broadway Stage Artist; at school, she always got the leading role in every play. I supposed I didn't put my heart into my artistic side because my main goal was to persuit a professional career, become a Doctor MD. At my HS graduation ceremony I sang with the school's choir.

Throughout my college years, I visited many local museums, took on photography, on a few occassions I developed my own 35mm films inside my apartment's closet, also enrolled in film and art history, as well as drawing a wood carving class; changes of becoming a Doctor MD were zero due to financial limitations. In 1993, I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an minor in Marketing from San Francisco State University. The academic knowledge and work experienced combined helped explored, developed and master my visual art skills.

The Arts

Summer 2009, the "barbarian" period of my life, fighting for my life due to an unexpected brain illnesss, financially broke from investmens losses. Stress levels skyrocketed, yet I was determined to overcome all fears by adopting a positive attitude to my surroundings and faith. I began to frequent art exhibitions, museums, connecting with artists, made new friends in the art community. Miami art life was starting to boom, plenty to see and do like the wynwood art district and the international known Art Basel; I spend many hours hanging around at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art gallery in Coconut Grove, were locals including artists met to mingle, exhibit art, attend workshops; Fred Hunt, 1928-2014 a well known images, scenery and mural artist tough me techniques on colors, besides enjoyed watching him paint his beautiful landscape art works with a very peaceful wisdom. I felt being reborn again to a new life of peace, happiness and excitement.

In the summer of 2009, I purchased my very first easel along with a 30"x30" canvas, few tubes of the cheapest acrylic paints, and brushes, made the pallet mix board from a piece of wood; since money was tight, I painted two works over the 30"x30" canvas -"Peacock Park Poinciana" displayed at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art gallery and "Madonna and Child" at the Gifford Lane Art Stroll 2010, currently the 30"x30" is title "Afternoon in the Gifford Lane Art Stroll".

One late summer afternoon while walking with my boxer Luna I stopped by the Coconut Grove Bookstore and bought two books on Picasso and Chagal, the two from whom I learned to swing my first brush strokes. Their impressive command of artistic techniques on Cubism, Surrealism, The Blue Period and The Barbarian Years 1937 - 1946 where the inspiration for my first reworked paintings - "the crying chair" from "Large Female Nude in Red Chair", Picasso, 1929; "No Wind, No Wind" borrowed idea from "Weeping Woman", Picasso from the Barbarian years 1937; "Moonlight Lovers" reworked pieced from "Lovers in Blue" Chagall, 1937.

I am aggressively experimenting with the psychology of lines, forms , shapes, volume, and its dynamic composition on beauty, harmony, complexity using the "drip" technique from the Expressionist Movement by artists like Jackson Pollock, Joan Mitchell and Ronald Davis. Through my paintings I want to enhance the richness of imagination and association in sport games, in all I want to arouse or express the deepest feelings of the observer. Contrary to my early approach to painting, I was far more concerned in giving form to emotional or spiritual experiences than in exploring the artistic process itself. Over time, I have become more interested in the translation of the familiar, recognizable reality of things and human strength, configuration and abstraction in a multidisciplinary aesthetic approach to the subject.


Through the Lens This Week


2010- Windisch-Hunt Fine Art gallery, "Peacock Park Poinciana", Coconut Grove, FL.

2011 - Gifford Lane Art Stroll, Coconut Grove, FL.

2012 - LMNT, Celebrity Art Series "Madonna and Child", Art Basel Wynwood Art District, Miami, FL.

2013 - Coconut Grove Art Festival Cocowalk, Coconut Grove, FL.

2013 - Gifford Lane Art Stroll, "Afternoon in the Gifford Lane Art Stroll", - Coconut Grove, FL.

Gifford Lane Art Stroll, Coconut Grove, FL. 2014

2015 - Gifford Lane Art Stroll, Coconut Grove, FL.


2015 - Miami-Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Sapphire Gala Event. "Celebration" 18"x24" acrylic on canvas.

2013 - Bacardi Sailing Cup, "No Wind, No Win", Coconut Grove, FL

2013 - Miami-Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, "One Sweet Day", - Miami, FL


"The Crying Chair", 2009

"Highness Pussy Cat", 2010

"Blue Sunset", 2011

"Night of Trick & Treats" 2012

"Harmony & Love", 2013

"Touchdown", 2013